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Prayer Request: my niefew Eduardo Garcia Jr

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imelda ochoa Gamboa

my niefew Eduardo Garcia Jr (Sep 19, 2014)

Prayer Request:
i had been looking for you pastor Ortiz for about two years since i last saw you in Carthage Mo. you inpackted my life you prayed for me too have kids well i still dont have children but will live it to Gods will but the reason ive been looking for you is i planted a seed that day and many other times for my niefew i would love to take him one day to your church and i will he is 19 years his the closest i have to a son and i pray so much for him . dr. say his hdhd bypolor but i belive one he'll be saved his been in trouble many times his been looking for work but no doors open he gets deprest alot i always give him hope and faith that things are going to change i belive that one day he'll say i am here cause my aunt beilved that God would save me and change my life in Jesus name . So glad when i found you thanks imelda ochoa gamboa

   Discussion: my niefew Eduardo Garcia Jr
imelda o Gamboa (anon) · 6 years, 3 months ago
my niefew Eduardo Garcia Jr  a prayer my sister tells me his hasnt been home in two days and is with bad so called friend doing drugs please pray that he'll change that all bad company away from his life so he can be a man of good i belive in God i wont stop praying for him i love him so much and it husts so see him in all this trouble we didnt grow up in any of that so i dont know why his like that our parents gave us a good life with alots of love i know he misses my dad he was a big part of his life and his been gone 10 years just a prayer in Jesus name he will be saved  .                         thank you imelda o gamboa

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