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Prayer Request: prayer over severe financial situations

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rodney williams

prayer over severe financial situations (Mar 18, 2014)

Prayer Request:
 : 24. please pray that my son rodney antonio,s disability check will get instant approval fast and that he recieves benefits,, also please pray that god causes my van to hold up the transmission to hold up with the water in it and the abs brakes to hold up and also that the propane buffer can start easier as i discover better ways of starting it and pray that the buffer holds up until i get it repaired 20. please pray that my son rodney antonio well get or be rewarded his disability check that he is applying for on tomorrow as he is diagnosed as slightly retarded which should highly qualify him for disability, please pray fervently, now the social security office has had a meeting with my son tony and submitted the application and the agent said that it could take up to 120 days, please pray that they approve of his disability as he is over qualified as said the agent that reviewed us, pray fervently..21. please pray that i can get a neurosurgeon doctor that my lawyer graves has that his firm uses, also pray that the orthopedic surgeon evaluate me as needing surgery as i hurt my ankles badly especially the left leg, pray it gets surgery to repair it. also i need the neurosurgeon the one used by my lawyers firm, pray that they give me their neurosurgeon for treatment as i have a severe neck and back condition needing surgery, also pray that the insurance to staples continue to conceed to my case as they are liable, so please pray that the neurologist that i have recommends me to neurosurgeon for surgery to elevate and bring up the potential value of case, please pray that neurologist thoroughly check my brain and find the problems and that he refers me over to the heurosergeon22. please pray that all my state checks come on in early for the month of january to include he dept of corrections. also please pray that god help us with food snd that my bills be patient, pray that the department of corrections go ahead and send check for the month of january and that the savannas park check get cut and mailed this week.23. please pray that i am fortunate in the outworkings of this slip and fall case, pray the insurance company for staples continue to conceed and that i win the case by great verdict or great unusual settlement as injuries are great, also i have a mri coming up please pray that they scan the thorasic spine as well and pray that all damages to spine show up on this mri and that it changes the gravity of the case and my lawyer moves to next level because of this change and that the neurologist find lots of head injuries and finds all the great situations with my severe spinal column and my left leg in short that he finds all injuries24. may god stop the electricity shut off that is scheduled for thursday december 26 by miraculous means as i still need a couple more days and may god cause by mirculous means all state checks to cut and get mailed on monday also by miraculous means may god cause my daughter clarissa to get into florida memorial college in january also by miraculous means may god casue me to find online someone to help me to do my back taxes so that my daughter can go to college, i,ll be doing taxes for 2012 this week please pray that god help me and that the grant get the maximum amount25. by miraculous means may god cause mrs. duncan from staples insurance to settle case at 100,000 dollars for serious injuries26. please pray that god will cause Cristiana at graves law to get the laisons at graves law group to give me a neurosurgeon on Monday when I tell her of the neurologist findings and the hospital recommendations27. please pray that clarissa can get a good grade in her english 1 class that starts this thursday and lasts one month, thereafter please pray that she get into the summer classes full time and get good grades, also please pray that clarissa does not have to drop 1101 english class28 please pray that fm facility maintenance will cut check for january billing #299600 and that they will accept billing #30000  : 1. Please pray that god bless me financially with food and work in my janitorial work, pray all side work will accept the service, pray that my son rodney get awarded food stamps, and please pray that my landlord ray villanova will give me more time to pay february rent also please pray that at the foreclosure hearing on march 25th, that if the judge grants the bank the property, that we have the extended time to move as president obama granted to people who are affected by a foreclosure he made a law for those victims of foreclosure due to insufficient employment, that they would get a couple of months to find another place to live3. Please pray that god cause my monthly checks to cut and mail on next week the week of 2/ 2014 for all state accounts.. also please pray that comcast will not shut off my service and will give 10 more days after the 1st4.please pray that fm facility maintenance will go ahead and process the billings numbers 299000 for december and # 299600 for january there is some dispute about the billings but i worked them also fm facility maintenance owes me approx. 30k from unpaid gas surcharge in a discriminatory way so pray that they will at least go ahead and pay those 2 very small bills without such a dispute5. Please pray that god cause my lawyer attorney graves to sign in acceptance of my slip and fall case, pray he see from risk management when he contacts them that i have a witness to the accident and that the insurance of staples see and tell the attorney that there is a witness as i told them, i was injured on the premises and pray to god that we recover from the accident, also pray that staples insurance supervisor agent mrs. duncan will concede with us offering a settlement in the amount of 100,000 for my serious injuries also please pray that staples have outside camera coverage and that they give my attorney the tape revealing my accident please pray that they continue to accept liability6. Please pray that Timothy of fast money and pay my landlord will give me more time on bills and not hold the time against me. pray that the landlord ray does not file an eviction this week, please ask god to bring something up to stop this eviction efforts, please pray that ray gives more time for rent and not evict7. Please pray that my mother dorothy miller help her 3 sons financially.8. Please pray that god heal my prostate and help me get remarried as I am a widower of 4 years.9. Please prayer that god protect me from the conspiracies generated by mike davis at the probation and parole office, mike davis continues to treat me illegally and set me up by way of office conspiracies to discrinatorilly delete me pray god stop his actions.10. Please pray that god help my janitorial busniess to get back into the mainstream, and that my website on google god please bless it to bring in business calls lots of them.11. Please pray that my son rodney antonio williams get approved on his disability claim within 1 month of filing he filed in december, i pry we have good news soon on his disability claim12. Please pray that god bless me with all 35 stores in district at tires plus floor care.13. Please pray that my brother Craig comes back home14 please pray that all 5 of my state accounts will go ahead and proces the billing for the month of january and subsequently cut the monthly, pray that direct deposit takes over my state payment .15 please pray tha god will help us to find food and that god will bless me with 7-11 accounts, that god protect fm facility maintenance remaining 2 accounts16 please pray that god will bless me as pastor paul david said in professy that god will bless me with money owed to me that i did not know about and that god would cancel debts for me, please pray that god will continue to bless me the way that pastor paul david coninues to admonish unexpected blessings financial17 please pray that i can get my taxes backyears completed through an online free tax help services, pray that i find online assistance with back years tax filings, please pray that the government will give me time to complete my back tax years filings18 please pray that all mt stae checks for janitorial services get cut on monday january 6th to include the department of environmental protection; savannas park, the administration park office, the laboratory at usf. the dept. of corrections parol and probations office in fort pierce and pray that god protect these state accounts; also pray that god will help us to get new accounts and grow back up to the main stream in business as before, thank you.19. please pray that god help me to find a significant other girlfriend for marriage as i am a widower of 4 years and lonely after having been married 20 years, also please pray that god will heal my serious prostate condition before it gets malignant 19a. please pray that the state fo florida will drop my monthly checks in direct deposit also please pray that i will find a neurosurgeon on florida blue hmo

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