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Prayer Request: prayer ovwer severe situations

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rodney williams

prayer ovwer severe situations (Jun 11, 2013)

Prayer Request:
 please pray that my daughter clarissa get a grant to go go college and that florida memorial college will accept her as a student 2 pray that i may win the bid on the savannah park and the administrative park office 3 please pray that fm facility maintenance will pay bill 285000 early 4 please pray that all my checks come in early this month and that my state checks come on in early this month the one for the savannahs park and the corrections office come on in early this month 5 please pray that ray my landlord will give me more time to pay my rent and not evict, he served a 3 day notice to pay or vacate, however please pray that he will give more time, as my checks seem to be late as billing went over sort of late this month 6 please pray that my mother dorothy miller help her 3 sons financially 7 please pray that god help to bring back up the cleaning business as it is record low, pray that some management companies call me or respond to my work requests that i have sent them 8 please pray that my brother craig comes back home 9 please pray that god help me to get my food stamps renewed, they are asking for an interview, pray that the interview goes well 10 please pray that my trnasmission hold up on my van and that my water pump hold up and that my brakes hold up as i am low as respects money 11 please pray that god help me to get a pay day loan 13 please pray that tires plus give me more stores for floor care, all the stores in the district 14 please pray that i can get tony to work, we had a meeting with vocational rehab and they are giving him some therapy, then placement, we requested publix as a desired place of employment, pray that it goes through and that he can get a job at publix 15please pray that i can keep all my state contracts

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