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Prayer Request: severe financial situation

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rodney williams

severe financial situation (Feb 23, 2013)

Prayer Request:
 please pray that senator pose can get my brother richard back payment withheld on his disability claim. 2. please pray that my landlord ray will give me more time to pay my rent and not evict 3 please pray that fm facility ,maintenance accept and pay my 2 bills #270000, and 275000 and that all my checks for the month of february will come on in early 4. please pray that god help me to get more work in my janitorial business as i am recored low and fearful. 5. please pray that god help me in the law library to find 2 cases, one case is agianst the department of corrections as they discrimination against me by the supervisor mike davis and falsify the bidding process to bring in a white contractor that they like, please pray that i find a case with details exact as mine 6. please pray that i also find a case in the law library with details exact as mine concerning my rich mother wanting to diinherit her 3 sons. pray i find a case where a rich parent disinherits his child and the child end up prevailing in the case to inherit as an heir. 7. please pray that they give me more time to pay my light bill it is due on monday as the cut off date, pray they give me at least another day, also [pray they give me more time on my cabe and internet bills 8 please pray that i get an add onthe google to advertise my business, and that i service all my monthly stores and no one turns down a service 9 please pray that my van transmission hold up and that oi can change the fluid and filter and that it works better also pray that my brake abs system holds up 10 please pray that god heals my prostate gland and that he seriously helps me to get married as i am a widower for 4 years and in great need of wife, pray that i find candidates leading up to a wife very soon in the name of jesus 11. please pray that god help my daughter clarissa in high school this final year of school to keep up high grades and that mrs. williams heart will be touched to wrok hard with clarissa to help her within time to find a schollarship 12 please pray that god stop supervisor mike davis at the corrections office from concocting up a reason to discharge me from contract on building cleaning and get an old contractor that they like it is horrible injustice, pray that god throws out something with which to stop him and his efforts 13. please pray that godprotect the following accounts from the state; the departments; corrections, park services, environmental protection 14please pray that tires plus will give me all their stores for floor services in the district with the references of managers craig and james 15. please pray that my son tony gets aboard vocational rehabilitation and they help him and that indian river state college hires me as a custodian

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ana carlina pappo (anon) · 9 years, 4 months ago
Jehova thank you for sending me messanger namen angelica and listen to my prayer please change my life be better person. And the men name Benny jr cruz be good dad to my 2 kids and my kid to be nice to him.please openBenny cruz heart let him accept me us his wife foever I will take care of him.pleaeevtake my stress away with financial problem help me pleaselet me start better life and good better job that pay better.

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