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Prayer Request: Mercy,Faith,HOLY SPIRIT

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Mercy,Faith,HOLY SPIRIT (Oct 12, 2011)

Prayer Request:

Pray GOD shows me how to give Mercy the way GOD would want me to.Pray GOD gives me a milllion times more Mercy than i can give.Pray GOD gives me the HOLY SPIRIT real strong over my life,body,mind,soul and spirit.Pray GOD gives me the Faith to move mountains.Pray all these things will be fulfilled in the Name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD.

   Discussion: Mercy,Faith,HOLY SPIRIT
NabinaNandaBehera (anon) · 12 years, 7 months ago

Dear Brother/Sister I am NABINA NANDA BEHERA from INDIA(orissa).i am a student of B-tech 3rd year.i am not a good student.i can’t concentrate about my study.Please pray for me to complete my B-Tech Course. My family back ground was not very good. we are feacing financial problem.Please pray for me and my family to clear my all Debts.Many lone recovery man has come our home and he was speaking abusive language to my father&mother.This man can't understand were situation.Our friends&reletive was laughing with our situation because i am become poor. We are born in a christian family.I know living god that he has done the miracle in my life.I was waiting for this miracle.I was totally Harassment about my situation.So please request you kindly pray for me and my family to solve all the problem and we will give testimony and give glory to our" LIVING GOD". Also pray for me my exam has started in 6 JANUARY 2012 my father name=Nayana Nanda Behera, my mother name=Puspa Behera my name=Nabina Nanda Behera my sister name=Aloka Behera pray this name.replay must be.I was wait for your [email protected] Thanking-a-lot Your loving brother in CHRIST, NabinaNandaBehera

latasha (anon) · 12 years, 5 months ago
Jesus & Holy Spirit, I request you to shower your protection/blessing for my family. My late Mother Brother Errol & his wife Julie have come from America to sell our which property FERN HOUSE belong to my late mother Phele Turner also,he and a bunch of his unscrouplous friend are threatening my brother Wayne who lives alone taking care of the property. Since my father is the care taker of the property, and he is really not well with many complication like heart,stroke we are getting frightened that on account of all this something might happen to him. My uncle has threatened to throw my brother of of the premises on Friday the 10th. Please pray that our Lord ties his hand up and he is not able to make any kind of deal with the anyone. My uncle & aunty and their bunch of friends are into a lot of voodoo stuff that whenever they come to India, they do something our compound and soon after that something bad happens in our family Please please urgently enlighten errol & julie to talk in a civilised way and solve this problem amicably talk with my father and me , so we can understand what is in their minds. U already know what they are going to do, help us, please help us. And in case they want to sell the property that we get equal share of the same, we have spent a fortune over court cases and sundry expenses in looking after big property.Holy Spirit & Jesus please please help & watch over us. Dad-Russell, Myself-Latasha, Brother-Wayne. Thankyou Holy Spirit & Jesus. Latasha

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