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Prayer Request: prayer over severe financial situations

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prayer over severe financial situations (Oct 25, 2015)

Prayer Request:
 *PLEAS PRAY THAT ATTORNEY BRIAN FROM TRIAL LAWYERS WILL CONTINUE WITH MY CASE AND WORK THROUGH ANY BAD SPOTS THAT MAY BE IN IT AND ALLOW ME TIME FOR SURGERY AND BRING CASE TO SETTLEMENT OR JURY VERDICT * PLEASE PRAY THAT THE NEW LAWYER THAT I TALK TO WILL ACCEPT MY CASE QUICKLY  AND THAT I CAN GET ALL MY SURGERIES THROUGH OMAR HUSSAMY* IF MY LAWYER MR. MATTHEW THOMAS HAS TAKEN AN UNDER THE TABLE SETTLEMENT, THEN PLEASE PRAY THAT THE LAWYER THAT MY FRIEND HAS WILL TAKE MY CASE * PLEASE PRAY THAT MY NEW LANDLORD WILL WORK WITH ME ON MY RENT, ALSO PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL HELP ME AND MY KIDS TO GET FOOD, ALSO PRAY THAT MY 2 STATE CHECKS WILL COME IN QUICKLY FOR THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER * PLEASE PRAY THAT THE FORT PIERCE HOUSING AUTHORITY WILL MOVE MY SON RODNEY UP ON THE LIST FOR HOUSING, PLEASE PRAY THAT STATE SENATOR WILL CONTACT HUD WITH SUCCESS AND THEY WILL REVIEW US AND MOVE US QUICKLY AS MY SON QUALIFIES ANOTHER WAY FOR THE PROGRAM IN THAT THERE ARE 3 OR MORE LIVING IN OUR HOUSE HOLD PRAY THAT GOD CAN MOVE US INTO THAT PROGRAM AS IT IS OUR TIME TO ENTER AS WE HAVE BEEN OVER LOOKED * PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL STOP RAY THE LANDLORD FROM DOING A 24 HOUR EVICTION * PLEASE PRAY THAT IN THE CASE WILLIAMS VS. STAPLES THAT GOD MAY TURN THE CASE AROUND INTO MY FAVOR, ONE WAY IS BY CAUSING THE FOOTAGE CAMERAS FROM OUTSIDE TO COME FORWARD IN THIS DISCOVERY THAT WE ARE IN AS STAPLES LAWYER MR. VERDIS IS HOLDING ON TO THEM, PRAY  THAT GOD CAN REMOVE MR. VERDIS OFF THE CASE AND PUT ANOTHER LAWYER ON FOR STAPLES BECAUSE VERDIS IS FALSE AND CROOKED, STAPLES IS VERY LIABLE FOR MY ACCIDENT AND I AM INJURED AND IN NEED OF SURGERY, PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD CAUSE A MIRACLE EVENT TO TURN THE CASE INTO MY FAVOR * please pray that god cause the van to hold up, the transmission and the fuel pump, also please pray that my son Rodney can get his workers comp settlement in this month of july and not go to mediation AUGUST AND THAT THEY WILL GIVE MY SON THE REST OF THE SETTLEMENT, MONEY AND PRAY THAT WE CAN FIND A DOCTOR TO TALK ABOUT HIS PHYSICAL INJURIES please pray that my sons work mans comp doctors will set up another appointment with him the 2 doctors. also please pray that the new horizons doctors will set up more appointments as we accidently missed themalso pray that my son Rodney Antonio,s case comes back up into the mainstream and that he can get good settlement please continue to pray that god will turn my slip and fall case against staples around 180 degrees into my total favor, also I pray that my shoulder and other surgeries that I can go ahead and have them that my body is in good enough condition, also pray that we can find the cameras and that staples makes a settlement offer and that I can get a loan. * please pray that my son tony can now get his entire social security check as he is not working, and pray that his lawyer can succed in law suit against good will industries ** PLEASE PRAY TO GOD TO STOP THE SERIOUS ROOTS OR DEMONIC TRANSMISSION OF SERIOUS WICKED SPIRITS THAT HAS BEEN CAST UPON ME TO RUIN MY LIFE, THEY HAVE CAUSED A LICENSE SUSPENSION, MY TAX REFUND TO BE STOPPED , ME TO LOOSE SOME OF MY WORK AND MANY OTHER HORRIBLE THINGS, MORE PRECISELY IT IS CALLED WITCH CRAFT THE TWO PEOPLE WHO CAST THIS UPON ME WERE PAUL VIGIL AND IESHA (LAST NAME?) PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO STOP THIS IMMEDIATLEY, PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD CONTINUES TO STOP THE WITCH CRAFT FROM THE DEMONS EACH DAY AS DAILY THESE 2 INDIVIDUALS ARE CONSTANTLY SENDING WITCH CRAFT AND IT IS SERIOUS PLEASE PRAY TO GOD FOR ME IN MY BEHALF * Please pray that my mother Dorothy miller who owns a very advanced business as a best seller author 3 times will place her 3 sons Rodney, craig and Richard upon her wills and trusts and not disinherit her own flesh and blood, pray gods spirit touches her heart  *Please pray that i can find 3 point law cases to strengthen my case so that i can get a loan or if I can find a 4 point case it is won automat ALSO PRAY THAT I FIND SUPPORTING MEMORANDUMS OF LAW FOR THE CASE AND OTHER AFFIDAVIDS AND INFORMATION SUPPORTIVE TO THE STRNGTH OF THE Case21. PLEASE PRAY THAT STAPLES INSURANCE COMPANY CONTINUES TO CONCEDE TO US IN THIS SLIP AND FALL CASE AS THEY ARE LIABLE, PLEASE PRAY THAT THEY WILL (STAPLES) COME UP WITH THE CAMERAS SHOWING THE VIDEO OF THE SLIP AND FALL, PRAY THAT THE TRAMATIC BRAIN INJURY MRI WILL PICK UP MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES AND ABNORMAL BRAIN WAVES AND CHEMICALS SO THAT THE RESULT OF TBI MRI IS GREAT AND THE CASE MOVES FORWWARD IN VALUE GREATLY, AND THAT WE GET THE ENTIRE POLICY AMOUNT 1. please pray that all my state checks come on in early for the month of  OCTOBER to include all departments. also please pray that god help us with food snd that my bills be patient,2. please pray that i am fortunate in the outworkings of this slip and fall case, pray the insurance company for staples continue to conceed and that i win the case by great verdict or great unusual settlement as injuries are great, also i have a mri coming up please pray that they scan the thorasic spine as well and pray that all damages to spine show up on this mri and that it changes the gravity of the case and my lawyer moves to next level because of this change and that the neurologist find lots of head injuries and finds all the great situations with my severe spinal column and my left leg in short that he finds all injuries, also please pray that the obama care surgeon recommends surgery 3. by miraculous means may god cause mrs. duncan from staples insurance to settle case at lease 200,000  dollars for serious injur 4 please pray that clarissa,s loan and grant left over balance will be given to her real soon perhaps in the month of july  : 5 Please pray that god bless me financially with food and work in my janitorial work, pray all side work will accept the service, pray that my son rodney get awarded food stamps, and please pray that my landlord William smith will give me more time to pay rent for month of july 6 please pray that all my contract will let me bid for the new contract coming up in july 1st for the department of environmental protection savannas, university of florida lab, the district office for florida parks district five, also the fish and wildlife and the department of corrections office in fort pierce 7 Please pray that Timothy of fast money and pay my landlord will give me more time on bills and not hold the time against me. pray that the William smith does not file an eviction this week, please ask god to bring something up to stop this eviction efforts, please pray that ray gives more time for rent and not evict8 Please pray that my mother dorothy miller help her 3 sons financially.also pray that god bless me with great prophetic ability also please pray that my fathers lung cancer treatment stops the desease permanently89Please pray that god heal my prostate and help me get remarried as I am a widower of 4 years.9. Please pray that  seven eleven go ahead and deposit my last checks on the pm service  and the special service that I provided, they ended the pm  so my term with 7-11 has ended, please pray that they will be reasonable and send over quickly the last payments10. Please pray that god help my janitorial busniess to get back into the mainstream, and that my website on google god please bless it to bring in business calls lots of them and that we can get telemarketing. 11. Please pray that god bless me with all 35 stores in district at tires plus floor care and that tire kingdom give district and firestone give district12 Please pray that my brother Craig comes back home13 please pray that god finds me a way to turn the lights on in our new duplex that we rented it is a 280 dollar deposit and I don't have the money, pray god helps me with it please. 14 please pray that god will bless me as pastor paul david said in professy that god will bless me with money owed to me that i did not know about and that god would cancel debts for me, please pray that god will continue to bless me the way that pastor paul david coninues to admonish unexpected blessings financial15 please pray that i can get my taxes backyears completed through an online free tax help services, pray that i find online assistance with back years tax filings and that the government does not come up before I finish and also pray that I get a big refund this year for 2014 .16. please pray that god help me to find a significant other girlfriend for marriage as i am a widower of 4 years and lonely after having been married 20 years.19a. please pray that we will get districts for tire kingdom and tires plus just as they offered with good work

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